Coffee Expertise

Coffee Expertise

From Bean to Cup

Discover Nespresso’s coffee expertise


Nespresso developed a simple but revolutionary idea: to create the perfect cup of espresso with an exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full-bodied taste, as generations of skilled baristas have done, but to do so more conveniently.

This spirit of innovation is still alive in our continuous quest for excellence at all stages of coffee creation, from the cherry on the tree to your perfectly extracted cup.
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3 Common Myths About Iced Coffee
Safeguarding the Coffee Farmers’ Futures


Responsible Sourcing Tastes Best

Sustainable coffee production and the wellbeing of coffee farmers is at the heart of our business. We created the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in 2003 in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance to address the issue of coffee’s future.

This programme enables Nespresso to safeguard the future supply of the highest quality coffee, while paying farmers a higher income and protecting the natural environment. But our commitment goes beyond this, building long-term relationships and mutual loyalty with our coffee farmers.
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Partnering for Impact


Coffee is a cherry

Cherries of the same tree will ripen at different rates and should be picked at different times.

In order to pick only correctly ripened fruit, the majority of coffees used for Nespresso coffees are harvested by hand. While this takes more time and costs more to do, it guarantees the best quality beans. Only the human eye can see whether the bean is too green and should be left to ripen.
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6 Fascinating Facts About Coffee Harvesting


The Alchemist’s Art

We develop our coffees in a blend composition that is one part alchemy and one part art. These skills have been honed over 25 years. The subtle blending of varieties reveals a wealth of flavours, each contributing unique characteristics. Arabica and Robusta are the two main commercial coffee varieties and each brings distinct characteristics to a blend. Coffees of both types must pass rigorous physical, sensorial and sustainability standards testing. Where Arabica brings fineness, acidity, clarity and elegance to the cup, Robusta adds heft, body, texture and pure coffee aromatics. Nespresso uses between 90% to 95% Arabicas with some Robustas to either add spice to selected coffees, or create distinctive flavour profiles in others.
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The Secret to Growing Great Coffee in Ethiopia


Terroir-specific Roasting for Terroir-specific Aromas

Different regions offer different flavours, but roasting techniques also have a role to play. Roasting and grinding are vital stages in creating a coffee, revealing the full flavour and aromatic potential of green coffee beans.

Coffee develops the full potential of its aroma during roasting. Correct roasting depends on finding the time, temperature and other parameters best suited to a blend, thereby allowing origin characteristics to be fully expressed. Each coffee has its own specific roasting process designed to bring out the intrinsic characteristics of each origin.
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The Art of Coffee Tasting


Capturing Freshness: Safeguarding aromas for your cup

After grinding, the coffee is packed in a laminated aluminium capsule that protects ground coffee from contact with the air, light and moisture. Processed and packed in an inert atmosphere and hermetically sealed in, the Nespresso capsule guarantees consistent coffee quality by locking in the freshness of the coffee’s flavours and its 900 aromas for 12 months. Aluminium is the best choice as it not only maintains quality and flavour integrity, but is 100% recyclable.
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Serve the ultimate expression

In the final step , extraction, Nespresso’s complete quality system ensures that finished capsules interact with machines in such a way as to extract all the flavours that have been so carefully sought, selected for, roasted, ground and packed. Our brewing systems operate at the right water temperature, quantity and pressure for each coffee design, so they deliver our quality promise in each and every cup.
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Let us bring the Nespresso Professional Coffee Experience to you

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