Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Every Nespresso coffee blend has its own personality, distinct aromas that embody the soul of its origins. Each variety is categorised by cup size and level of intensity. Our coffees can be enjoyed as Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml), Decaffeinated (40ml and 110ml), and Flavoured (40ml).

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Origin Peru

Fruity and distinct green vegetable notes

Origin India

Spicy and intense

Origin Brazil

Silky and sweet

Origin Guatemala

Exciting and silky

Ristretto Intenso

Exceptionally intense and syrupy


Full-bodied and long-lasting aftertaste


Intense and roasted

Colombia Organic

Sweet coffee with bready and toasted cereal notes and red fruits.


Flowery & Refreshing


Intensely roasted with bold aromatics


Light and refreshing


Balanced and complex

Caffe Nocciola

Hazelnut flavoured

Caffè Caramello

Delight in the biscuity caramel flavour running through our blend of silky textured South American Arabicas.


A vanilla flavoured coffee with a silky texture and warming aroma

Bianco Delicato

Caramel and biscuit notes

Bianco Intenso

Intense and roasted but balanced

Ice Intenso

Toasted cereal – for intense recipes with ice


With a soft, mellow flavour, this is the lightest espresso roast.


Aroma, body and flavour all in balance


Intense and caramelly sweet, this coffee is at the heart of our handcrafted latte recipes.

Ways to drink your Nespresso

First, choose your Nespresso coffee blend. Next, enjoy how it looks and breathe in that distinctive aroma. Finally, savour every sumptuous mouthful of your Nespresso coffee. Welcome to the art of tasting your Espresso from Nespresso. Enquire Today

Ristretto Espresso Lungo Milk

Ristretto 25ml

Powerful and contrasted, Ristretto is the little coffee that packs a big punch.

Enjoy first thing in the morning or after a meal. Nespresso’s Ristretto blends combine intensity with character. Serve in a small Ristretto cup and experience coffee in its purest form. Typically drunk black with a dash of sugar to taste.

Espresso 40ml

Wake up to a delicious espresso: a dose of quality Arabica and Robusta to deliver the perfect cup.

The Classic system draws on Nespresso’s 25 years of coffee expertise. It is designed to expertly extract the perfect shot from ground coffee beans, brewing a rich and flavoursome cup of coffee topped with a smooth, thick cream.

Lungo 110ml

Lungo is a slightly longer espresso, and Nespresso’s Lungo coffee capsules guarantee flavour to the last drop.

Our Lungo coffees have rich aromas and can be enjoyed black or with a dash of milk.


With its smooth shot of espresso and foamed milk topping, a traditional cappuccino marries the richness of Espresso with the feather-light pleasure of milk mousse.

Master the art of cappuccino and enjoy the unique character of each delicious variety of Nespresso coffee. Add foam from the integrated milk heating system, or whip up a froth with our Aerocinno milk frother accessory.

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