Shake It Up by Cooling It Down With Iced Coffee

Shake It Up by Cooling It Down With Iced Coffee

20 May 2020


There’s a common phrase about creativity being born when routine is disrupted. That shaking things up every once in awhile actually creates a better sense of self, and in turn, a sense of order. It seems counterintuitive, but here at Nespresso we like exploring notions that may sound impossible—much like over 30 years ago when people couldn’t believe you could replicate the perfect cup of espresso coffee in your home just like skilled baristas do at cafés.

So, for the sake of creativity and order, let’s shake things up shall we?

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It seemed impossible to replicate at home the quality and taste of authentic espresso prepared by skilled baristas–yet here we are.

When you think about your coffee routine, what comes to mind? We bet that more often than not, your Nespresso machine is used to create that perfect cup of hot coffee. But what if we told you that the same machine can take you on a journey to discover another dimension of our coffee that is just as delicious, only a bit more refreshing? That’s right, you can enjoy Nespresso on ice and unearth a new world of flavours that have been waiting for you in the capsules you already know and love.

Now there’s always the argument that iced coffee is nothing more than diluted, watered-down coffee. And we find that this is the perfect opportunity to introduce our very own recipes. With Nespresso, it’s always been about precise portions—whether it’s in each individual capsule, or the specific amount of pressurized water that is released each time you press that button, our scientists and engineers have worked tirelessly to guarantee that the result is consistently flawless and enjoyable. With our iced coffee, it’s no different. We’ve worked with our own coffee experts and sensory teams to develop simple yet precise recipes that ensure the perfect iced coffee every single time.

So we guess the question is, hot or cold? The good news is, with Nespresso, the answer is always yes.

Check out our exclusive Nespresso on Ice recipe here as well as some simple tools that can elevate your iced coffee experience.

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