Ice Intenso Caipirinha

6 June 2022

Ice Intenso Caipirinha

Want to take your customers to the tropics?

Liven up your drinks menu with an Ice Intenso Caipirinha. The unique mix of coffee and citrus flavors will leave your customers coming back for more!

Fancy giving it a try? Take a look at the recipe below…

Here is what you need:

Recipe for one person:

How to make the Ice Intenso Caipirinha

Step 01

Into a View recipe glass, add 60g of lime slices and 8g of brown sugar. Muddle it

Step 02

Add 2g of sugar syrup

Step 03

Add 4 ice cubes of 30 grammes and pour 60ml water * * Alternative: Replace 60 ml still water by 40ml of Cachaça and 20ml of still water

Step 04

Mix it with a spoon

Step 05

Extract 40ml of espresso ICE INTENSO over it

Step 06

Add a nice piece of fresh lime on the glass rim

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