Introducing Re:Cycle

Introducing Re:Cycle

20 May 2020


From the rising and setting of the sun to the continuous, repetitive flow of the seasons, our world is governed by constant, fervent motion. As humans we’re confronted daily with a million small opportunities to either live in harmony with the cycle or to break it.

This is why, at Nespresso, we’ve made a choice to create our coffee capsules from aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material. Each time you recycle your coffee capsule, an elegant process of re-creation is set into motion.

Each time you recycle your coffee capsule, an elegant process of re-creation is set into motion.

recyclable coffee pods
Infinitely recyclable, aluminium’s story doesn’t have to stop with a coffee capsule.

The compounded power of this simple act inspired us to breathe new life into your recycled aluminium capsules, to craft something beautiful and enduring.

Introducing RE:CYCLE, a bicycle with an aluminium frame forged from coffees past. Offering sustainable transportation long into the future.

In striking Arpeggio purple and using only the finest materials, from its high quality saddle and handles, to its steam bended oak carrier basket and copper trim, the RE:CYCLE bike is an exquisite example of the circular economy at work. We even included two cup holders, perfectly sized to carry your favorite drink along with you. It seems that what goes around really does come around.

To bring our vision for RE:CYCLE to life, we partnered with a like-minded Swedish start-up called Vélosophy to co-design a sleek, urban bicycle that would represent aluminium’s potential to be refashioned into a functional and stylish product.

Jimmy Ostholm
Vélosophy’s Founder Jimmy Östholm created his company with a clear purpose to have a positive impact on the world – this purpose drives everything they do.

At the core of Vélosophy’s mission is a commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the world. This means working with recycled aluminium to design and produce high-quality bicycles that balance sustainability and style. After all, one of the most sustainable choices a consumer can make is to invest in products that will serve their needs long into the future.

But for Vélosophy, sustainability also has a human face. As the first bicycle brand in the world to make a one-for-one promise, they’re investing not only in the future of the planet but in the lives and communities of school girls in Ghana. With every Vélosophy bike sold, they donate another bike to a young woman working on her studies.

recyclye bikes in ghana
For every RE:CYCLE bike purchased, another bike will be given to a school girl in Ghana.

For Vélosophy, sustainability also has a human face.

How can a bicycle make a difference in her life? This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road—according to World Bicycle Relief, access to reliable transportation has proven to increase her school attendance by 28% and her chances of graduating by up to 59%. We’re inspired to think that a small effort to recycle coffee capsules could contribute to her success.

From coffee capsule to a sustainably produced bicycle. From the streets of prosperous cities to the road to school in Ghana. The partnership between Nespresso and Vélosophy demonstrates the power that our everyday consumption choices can have on the world.

The RE:CYCLE bike will be available for purchase from August 2019 on the Vélosophy website (link)

ReCycle Bike
The RE:CYCLE bike will be released as a limited edition, with only 1,000 available for purchase.

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